Frequently Asked Questions

Every Question we’ve been asked numerous times or think you might ask.

When I create a listing, why can’t I drop a location pin on my hangar?

Currently our Google Map application on the “Post a Listing” page only allows you to list a location that has a street address (such as airport); which poses a problem for hangars with no street addresses. Also without a “satellite view” it would be difficult to drop a location pin on the exact location. We’re currently working on adding the ability to drop a location pin from a Satellite view directly on your hangar (using latitude/longitude instead of a street address). In the meantime we recommend typing the name of the airport or nearby town/city to get the location close, and then you can use the map to drop a location pin closer to the hanger if you wish. Please see this link for how to provide satellite view photos of your hangar location to give your renters an exact location.



What kind of PayPal Account do I need to be a host?

In order to receive money from individuals, that are not friends or family, on you’ll need a business account.

If you’re already have a regular account this is a very easy step. On your user profile page you’ll click “Edit my Profile” and proceed to the “Payments” section which is where you’ll click on the web-link to begin linking your HangarIt profile to your account. When you attempt to link up a non-business PayPal account, their website will prompt you to elect your account to also accept business transactions (in addition to personal transactions), it’s quick and easy. Once you’re established on you may need to go back to the “Payments” section on your user profile to re-confirm the link between user profile and your Paypal account.

If you’ll be using for the first time, don’t fear, they make setting up an account very easy. accounts are like basic bank accounts, but they also are easily linked to your outside bank accounts for moving over earned money. You can keep a balance in your PayPal account to make payments on other future online purchases, or move it over into a you common-use checking/savings account. When you sign-up be sure to elect a business account to ensure it will properly link to your user profile.

Do you have an App on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store?

Not yet. Fortunately though, we have a solution. Our website is mobile browser friendly, so whether you’re a renter and/or host you should have access to all the features of our website. For extra quick access to our site, we suggest adding our website to the home screen of your smart phone or tablet, it takes less than 10 seconds. It will look just like an App and will rapidly pull up the website on your phone/tablet’s web browser

From your phone’s web browser, go to and follow the instructions below to find the button for “Add to Home Screen”.

1) On an iPhone the menu button should look like this:

Step 1
2) On the bottom row of icons, swipe to the left to find the “Add to Home Screen” button. Which should look like this:
Step 2


3) When it is complete is should look like an App on your iPhone’s home screen like this:

On an Android Phone the menu button should look like this: