Lock & Key


In this article we’ll discuss the use of different styles of locks to provide convenient access to locked hangars. We’ll start with 3 examples of proper combination padlock and key storage. All three provide security, easy access, and are simple to reset to update combinations.

Door Knob Mount Lock-box
Wall Mount Lock-box
Heavy-Gauge Combination Padlock

Providing access to your renters should be a smooth and easy process. Your instructions for access shouldn’t include a “key under the mat” that may have accidentally gone missing , or some treasure hunt for a hidden key location. The location should be obvious, secure, and easy to access even in inclement weather.  For the combination lock-boxes, you’ll have a key inside that you would prefer to not be lost or left hanging in a door-lock, so consider adding a high-visibility key-ring to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

If you want an extra insurance policy, tape an extra key copy to the inside of the lock-box with a piece of duct tape, so when you eventually get that “I can’t find the key” phone call from a renter, you can direct them to the spare key.

Please AVOID using these locks, because they are difficult to use or provide little security against break-in:

This style is unreliable and difficult to use.
This little lock can be overcome with a hammer or strong snips.
This style is very sensitive and difficult to use in low lighting or inclement weather.


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