Providing the basics (tire chocks, power cords, etc)

In most cases hosts won’t be personally greeting their renters upon their arrival. And without some basic information about your hangar, you might find yourself repeatedly receiving messages and calls to relay the same information. To avoid this, it’s a great idea to have some basic instructions attached to a wall in a visible location, such as inside the hangar near the entry door at eye-level. We’ve created a standardized form for your use. It can be printed of in the PDF file format and filled out by hand, or you can download the Word document (.docx) file and fill it on your computer before printing.
Hand-fill PDF file, click here: 
Form-fill Word Doc file, click here:
This is item is self-explanatory. If you have electrical access inside your hangar, this is probably an item you already have handy. Please be sure to mention it along with any other tools/supplies in the “Ok for Use” section of the “Host-to-Renter Instructions” Form listed above.
Although some of us travel with wheel chocks, many of us do not. It is extra added weight that we could use for fuel, passengers, or cargo. Very few aircraft (like a Vans RV) require specialty low-profile chocks but for the 90% of GA aircraft, a standard set of rubber chocks will do nicely. Having the security of a nice pair of chocks will help ensure somebody doesn’t roll their aircraft into your hangar if their aircraft begins to move unintentionally (i.e. during their preflight, loading bags, etc).
Let’s face it, most aircraft leak some oil. Either from their exhaust (radial engines) or dripping off the back of the engine cowl. You don’t want oil puddles on your floor and your renters don’t want to step in it. Give them a way to clean up after themselves and you’ll find your hangar stays much cleaner. You can accomplish this by providing some oil dry, a basic broom, dust-pan, and trash pail. All of these items can be found at a bargain at your local Lowes or Home Depot.


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